SYS 1X1 HIGH + 1X2 HIGH DWS 100-240V 50/60HZ


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This unit is for supply to a whole house at point of water entry (POE System). It delivers up to 49l per minute. Uses combination of 2 pre filtration units and UV technology to deliver purified water The Sterilight 320 unit is a POE (Point of Entry) system designed to give you pure and filtered water for the whole house. The product is designed and manufactured in Canada using the latest in UV water purification technology. The system also pre-filters water using a 5 micron pre-filtration and a carbon filter. The unit is designed to offer sufficient flow rate to provide an entire house with high quality purified water Easy to install in existing plumbing layouts


Delivers up to 49l/minute - for POE installation Dimensions:62cmx20.3cmx69.3cm Shipping Weight: 17.7kg Full specifications can be found at

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