RAINSHOWER F-SERIES Head shower 10" 254 x 254mm Rain spray


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This Grohe Rainshower F-Series head shower will turn your bathroom into a recreation zone! Refreshing in the morning and relaxing in the evening this is the ultimate shower experience. This ceiling mounted head shower has a super flat panel which will blend seamlessly into your shower space. The head can be rotated at 20 degrees for that perfect water experience. This Grohe shower is coated with Grohe StarLight chrome which will never tarnish, giving your shower a glistening chrome finish for years to come. This finish also resists build up of grime and dirt and will not flake or peel. This shower is wide and luxurious, featuring the wonderful Grohe Rain Spray technology. Your shower experience will feel like summer rain, soft, delicate and soothing, washing away stress and leaving you feeling totally relaxed. The shower size is 10", 254mm x 254mm and includes the SpeedClean anti-lime system. Grohe products come with a 5 year guarantee. This flat panel head shower will enhance your bathroom and offer a delightful water experience every time you step into your shower.


254mm x 254mm Rain spray
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