RAINSHOWER F-SERIES Head shower 5" 127 x 127mm Normal spray


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Shown here is our Grohe Rainshower F-Series head shower. This shower is wall mounted and can be rotated at 12.5 degrees for that perfect water experience. The shower head blends minimalist design with function and is comfortable and enticing to use. The water coverage is wide and luxurious, offering a normal spray feature which will let you step out of your shower feeling relaxed and refreshed. This Grohe shower is coated with Grohe StarLight chrome which will never tarnish, giving your shower a glistening chrome finish for years to come. This finish also resists build up of grime and dirt and will not flake or peel. The shower size is 5" 127 x 127mm and includes the SpeedClean anti-lime system. Grohe products come with a 5 year guarantee. If you take showering seriously then this flat panel head shower is the perfect choice for your bathroom.


127mm x 127mm normal spray
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